Lead Pastor Transition

Exciting Announcement

Video from Sunday, September 12 service.

As of August 26th, the Leadership Council has formally nominated Pastor Baly Botten as the Lead Pastor candidate at SVA Church!

Q & A

What was the process that led up to the Leadership Council nominating Pastor Baly to this role?

As the Lead Pastor transition began in March of 2020, the Leadership Council engaged in a process of assessing where we are as a faith community and prayerfully considering how God is leading SVA Church to meet the practical and spiritual needs of the Snoqualmie Valley in the years ahead.  We also established a structure to develop Pastor Baly in his sense of calling as a Lead Pastor.

Over the course of the last 18 months, it has become clear to the Leadership Council, the Wisdom Team, and the Leadership Development Director for our denomination that Pastor Baly has faithfully demonstrated humility and maturity in his personal development as he has worked through his ordination process, led the Youth and Teaching Ministries at SVA, in his engagement with Staff, and his investment with those in the SVA and larger valley communities.  The Leadership Council has also engaged with Baly as he shared his vision for SVA Church in the near and long term which reveals a heart to see lives transformed and eternities changed.

I still have some questions about whether Pastor Baly is the right fit for this role. What should I do?

We strongly encourage the entire congregation to attend one of the upcoming Q&A Sessions with Pastor Baly. These will be the primary place to hear his heart, ask specific questions, and informally converse about this decision. If you have a question that is specific for the Leadership Council around this nomination you may also contact them at leadership@svachurch.org.

When will we vote on whether to affirm Pastor Baly?

The vote will be taking place during both services on Sunday, November 7th.

Who can participate in the vote?

Any adult (16 and older) “partner” of SVA Church who has signed the Partnership Agreement can participate in the vote. Not sure if you have taken that step? Head to svachurch.org/startingpoint to view and submit the online Partnership Agreement.  

What will we actually be voting on?

The exact wording might vary just a bit, but the ballot will look something like this: “I affirm calling Baly Botten to be the Lead Pastor of SVA Church. Yes ___ No ___”

What percentage is required for Pastor Baly to be affirmed?

At least 2/3 of the “partners” who vote must vote “yes” for a Lead Pastor to be affirmed. These guidelines for affirmation are found in our bylaws.

What if I’m “50/50”?

If you can’t decide which way to vote because you have some reservations, first we encourage you to discuss your concerns with a member of the Leadership Council or Pastor Baly himself. If your concerns aren’t resolved after discussing them, but also don’t rise to the level of compelling you to vote “no” – we encourage you to vote “yes.” Pastor Baly has been carefully considered by our Leadership Council and many other mentors, staff, and our District Office. All groups and individuals have discerned that Pastor Baly has been called by God for this position. Therefore, if you are unsure, we encourage you to rely on the judgment of your fellow church family and leaders who have spent considerable time, effort, and prayerful reflection and have presented Pastor Baly as the candidate for the role.

What happens if Pastor Baly is not affirmed to this role?

If the vote is "no", the Leadership Council will deliberate regarding the best route in which to move forward. This would include soliciting feedback from those who voted "no".

Stay tuned for a packet that contains Pastor Baly’s resume, doctrines, and philosophy of ministry to become available on this webpage after his presentation on September 19th.

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