Lead Pastor Transition - SVA Church

In the Spring of 2020, Pastor Monty Wright, the Founding and Lead Pastor of SVA Church, accepted the position of District Superintendent for the Northwest District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Since that time, the Leadership Council has been prayerfully exercising their responsibility, taking the necessary steps to transition the Lead Pastor position through planned phases. These planned phases will culminate in the nomination of and congregational vote for, the chosen candidate.

Phase 1: Prepare - 2020

  1. The current Executive Team will continue to function as a cohesive team, leading staff initiatives and programming:
    • Interim Lead Pastor — Marty Benedict
    • Executive Pastor — Susan Chavez
    • Teaching Pastor — Baly Botten
  2. The SVA Leadership Council will continue tending to the fiscal needs and spiritual oversight of the church by:
    • Encouraging the congregation to join their specific focus to prayer and discernment over what God may have for SVA Church in this time of transition
    • Reviewing church documents, systems, and legal structures
    • Conducting risk management audits, financial health assessments
    • Conducting a survey of the congregation to assess church health, demographic information, and solicit feedback to help steer the long term vision for SVA.

Phase 2: Evaluate - 2020/21

  1. The Leadership Council In alignment with C&MA guidelines and SVA’s Bylaws and in a spirit of due diligence is prayerfully considering Pastor Baly for the role of Lead Pastor, as well as other potential candidates.
  2. The Leadership Council affirms Pastor Baly’s calling and gifting to become a Lead Pastor. Out of stewardship for his calling, a strategic support plan has been developed to prepare Baly for ministry. The plan includes:
    • Leading the Sunday Morning Teaching Ministry and the team that speaks to the broadest cross-section of the Church.
    • Meeting with a Wisdom Team to provide care, feedback, and personal support — Kristin Moomaw, Chad Nesland, Scott Usselman
    • Mentoring by Lead Pastor from within our denomination (to be named) — to meet with and train Baly on Lead Pastor specific duties and responsibilities
    • Completing the C&MA Ordination process with his wife Emily. (A denomination requirement for all who serve as Lead Pastors.)

Phase 3: Nominate - 2021

  1. After completion of the evaluation phase, the Leadership Council will present to the SVA congregation their nominee for the next Lead Pastor of SVA.
  2. The church leadership will host a series of events and gatherings to help the congregation understand the person and vision of the nominee in order to cast an informed vote.
    • Formal Q&A Night(s)
    • Prayer and Discernment Gatherings
    • Informal meetings and gatherings with the congregation

Phase 4: Vote - 2021

  1. According to the SVA Church bylaws, the Leadership Council will hold a ballot vote of the congregation on the nominee. A new Lead Pastor must be affirmed by a majority.
  2. If voted in, the nominee will become the new Lead Pastor of SVA Church and be commissioned by the Church Leadership